Photo 23-06-14 9 42 21 pm

As we gradually age, with each passing year, somehow-Dad stops being a superhero and mum becomes less evil. Aunty Tess’s no longer sweet in and out, Uncle Rob isn’t as heartless as he seemed to be – Mr Kimani doesn’t know it all and neither does Mrs Weyula. Saints disappear and devils become less evil. What once seemed easy has never been so hard and the heart that once loved slowly learns to hate. What’s right has never been so wrong and what we thought would make us happy has never made us more sad. We are forced to make decisions and choices, and we do very evil things for love, and learn to love what was once so evil.

And sadly but surely it dawns on you-that there never was black or white, good or bad, rather if there is, it’s almost always hiding the gray.

Hold a pen / finger across the horizon-gray
(Hold a pen / finger across the horizon)



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