They give you love, share your pain. Celebrate your successes and support you in your failures. They are there for you-no matter what. My immediate family kinda does that, but there is a different family that I would love to have. People not related to us by kinship or blood but do all the above and more. Understand you in and out, empathise with your experiences. Do not judge your decisions and above all, make life worth living-every risk worth taking. Make life bearable, make life fun and exciting. Make everything worth it, every tear shed, every sweat dripped. Every mistake made and every victory won.

The Just a Band crew One of the familiies I envy. A gradually improving, constantly experimenting, happy group of rebellious brothers.

I long for a family of my own, my little haven of joy…To share my passions and visions, to motivate my aspirations. People who can share my lost dream, and bring to life my crazy fantasies


The Glee Club. A club from AU who love singing. They are not the best of singers, but they sing everyday and everywhere. Together and apart. My flatmate Christine is a part of the group and for hers and Matt’s birthday (they are the 2 lying on the ground) they came to our flat, painted on canvas, spray painted on a sheet-and on each other, all the while, singing songs they love and eating choc chip cookies. And I had the priviledge of of documenting and watching them the whole day. If that’s not family, I don’t know what is.

My soul doppelgangers, my reason for living, my purpose in life. The reason I’m not lonely, the reason my mind is alive. The power to my engine of life, the power that pushes me that extra mile. The reason I still dream and the reason hope is still alive.

But till I get that family, I will feed off the warmth of others and gaze into their light, for I know, if I wait long enough, the right family will be mine.

Chromatic Hands
Chromatic Pictures Africa A group of 6 very hardworking and motivated individuals. A group of filmmakers I was privileged to live around for a while. Living in their own bubble, taking on more than they can chew and swallowing it all without choking. Sharing a passion and vision and slaving day in day out to make that vision come alive. A tight knit group, always looking out for one another. God knows I envy this family.



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